Academic Head:

Welcome to Phoenix Public Residential School, Honaga, Belagavi and thank you for giving me this incredible opportunity to serve the community!

Phoenix Public Residential School provides holistic development to all students through a high quality and balanced learning programme that sustains and   encourages their intellectual, physical, social and spiritual growth. Teachers and staff are trained to be mentors to engage students meaningfully in the   educational process with their guidance, instruction and inspiration.

I will work towards creating and fostering a dynamic experience at Phoenix Public Residential School in which each and every student is constantly offered   challenges and support to think and act creatively, critically and compassionately. The school aims to help students become sincere and conscientious
lifelong learners and workers, enhance their skills and assist them in attaining their professional goals, thus making a valuable contribution to their local as well as the global community. Parents can be assured of their children reaching their highest potential amid a safe and nurturing environment at Phoenix Public Residetional School.

I believe that each child is unique in his or her learning abilities, talents and interests. During these “wonder years,” Phoenix Public Residetional School will strive to equip and empower students to lead productive lives and handle the demands of a constantly changing world. However, while ringing out the old and bringing in the new, we shall work towards striking the perfect balance between science and spirituality, tradition and technology, history and innovation in our educational approach.

In conclusion, I would like to quote from the thoughts of the great scholar Vinobha Bhave on education. Bhave said: “If you just help in creating an atmosphere, the rest will be done by the atmosphere itself. Even the wingless leaves will rise high like birds when a powerful storm comes.”

Our mission, therefore, is to create that atmosphere, and I invite parents and guardians to be active participants in this enriching journey.

Thank you all once again for helping make Phoenix Public Residetional School my home away from home!