Phoenix is registered and recognised by the Council of Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi (I.C.S.E.), more emphasis is given on Innovative and Creative teaching methods. Students are handled by teachers who are specially trained to understand and deal with the educational, moral and psychological needs of the students. The school toils fearlessly to mould every student learner in the image of the future citizen, a man’s worth is assessed by his achievements, commitment to work, his contribution to Society & humanity at large for the perfection & excellence. Phoenix Public Residential School has designed a curriculum which provides the opportunities, to develop to a full personality .The Session is from April to March. The curriculum has been framed keeping in view the age group of children in each class and their mental level. Curriculum is interactive, laying emphasis on the development of humanism, character, honesty, and above all rationality. The medium of instruction is English. Hindi is a compulsory subject and there is provision for teaching regional languages.

The Curriculum:

It is framed to develop in children
• Deep knowledge of specific subjects.
• Problem solving and critical thinking skills.
• Ability to work individually and in groups.

International Recognition and Acceptance:
• IGCSE, AS, A levels are recognized as equivalent to standards X , XI , XII Exams conducted by state and central Boards.
• Cambridge students are eligible for CET, COMED-K, other career entrance exams
• Cambridge students are eligible for admissions to foreign countries.

Learning Benefits to students:
• Trained Faculty staff
• International size and standard playgrounds.
• International size and scientifically equipped laboratories, where students learn to solve scientific problems, develop experimental skills and techniques of investigation.

Teacher support:
Students can have direct access to CIE subject experts via the internet and solve the subject queries.

Cambridge syllabus:
Grade – IX and X – IGC SE (14-16 years) students opt for the subjects listed below.
Group I - Languages – English, Hindi or French
Group II - Humanities and Social Sciences , Environmental Management
Group III - Science- Physics, Chemistry, Biology
Group IV – Mathematics
Group V - Business, Creative, Technical, Vocational, Information and Communication Technology.

International Reach:
• IGC SE, created by CIE in 1985, is spread over 60 subjects
• Cambridge IGC SE is opted for and followed in 150 countries of the world, Since 150 years.
• The curriculum suits both the national and international teaching contextual matter.
• The earmarked syllabus incorporates international examples.
• It trains students for admission to the International Baccalaureate Diploma. The C I E – The University of Cambridge International Examinations is the world’s largest provider of   International Qualifications. Over 1.5 million students via a network of more than 6,000 Cambridge schools answer the CIE examinations. The CIE is a part of the Cambridge   Assessment, and a non-profit department of the University of Cambridge.