Principal's Message:
            Mrs. Alka Patil  

Today, the very purpose of importing education is not only to pursue Excellence in academics but also to cater and empower students to the existing system of education, the critical thinkers of today’s world. The School strives towards the holistic development where, abilities, skills, talents of every student need to be encouraged, recognised and nurtured, not only that, we should provide an opportunity for every child to express his / her ideas, views and exhibit skills, we often fail to realize talents of each and every child. Therefore existing education system must aim towards to produce a good and strong individual.

Phoenix Residential Public School, Belgaum encouraging students to develop scientific attitude and spirit, our prime focus in the lower classes is to expose every child in learning process through various activities in our school the objectives are to inculcate skills of interpretations, logical thinking, decision making. We also encourage students to participate in Co- curricular activities as it plays a pivotal role in the over all development of personalities of the children.

The main aim of these activities is to nurture the skills and talents present in each every individual as well as to provide back drop to their self confidence.Our children take participation in Yoga which creates immense pleasure for both mind and body by learning this, children are able to master their mind.To lead a healthy and safety life in today’s world we also train our students in Karate for self defence where they have a sense of touch with the society.

Our children also take participation in dance as a part of curriculum. This makes their body flexible and can express their feeling through gestures, Playing Chess is also a part of an activity which gives exercise to their brain and to make every child as a proactive child. We are striving hard to imbibe culture in every child, in connection to that we celebrate all festivals at school to create an atmosphere to bring sense that we all belongs to one family.